Privacy Policy

Arteasans Beverages, LLC (from here on after “ARTEASAN”) has assumed the firm compromise of respecting users’ online privacy and makes every effort to provide an adequate level of protection and management of personal information.
ARTEASAN does not acquire or collect any personal information from users visiting the site; most of the information contained therein can be accessed without revealing any personal information.
Shown below is the ARTEASAN Online Privacy Disclaimer, of strict compliance to all managers and employees ARTEASAN handling users’ personal information and data on the website’s server.

ARTEASAN Online Privacy Disclaimer:

  • ARTEASAN maintains business rules and implements reasonable security measures to protect itself against the risk of unauthorized access, loss, modification and leakage to third parties of personal information.
  • Except in the following cases ARTEASAN agrees not to disclose personal information to third parties:
    • When the user grants permission to disclose their personal information.
    • When the law requires that personal information be disclosed.
    • When an outsourced service hired by the user needs their personal information. In this case, ARTEASAN establishes a contractual obligation to the subcontractor to ensure an adequate level of security for personal information that fits this Online Privacy Disclaimer.
    • When processing statistical information (e.g. gender, age, etc.) that does not reveal any personal information about individual Users.

Users are entitled to access and modify their personal information held by ARTEASAN. In order to make these modifications, the user must contact a Customer Service Representative.
ARTEASAN periodically reviews and modifies its Online Privacy Disclaimer to ensure compliance with current legislation on data protection and personal information, and to guarantee the highest level of security possible.

ARTEASAN is not responsible for the handling of personal information the user provides to Third Party websites that may be redirected from ARTEASAN’s website by hyperlink.

Use of Cookies:

Some of the services provided on ARTEASAN’s website use “cookies” to keep track of visitors. A “cookie” is a set of data that allows ARTEASAN to identify the User’s computer. ARTEASAN’s Web server cannot identify the person, unless they have given their personal information. Accepting cookies used on our site will allow our Web server to identify the user’s computer by reading the previously stored cookie. The cookies stored on your computer site cannot be used in any other site to obtain your personal information. It is possible to set up your browser to disable the use of cookies, but it may also restrict the use of certain services available to the user on the ARTEASAN website.