Overcoming Distraction: Staying Focused on a Healthy Lifestyle

by Brennan Rose - professional SUP athlete
Brennan Rose Arteasan

As a professional SUP athlete, my job requires me to stay fit and focused in order to maintain a rigorous training schedule and to eat clean in order to keep my body in the best condition possible. In the world of extreme sports, there can be a LOT of distraction. In the surf community, the success of the sport and its participants is completely dependent upon nature and natural conditions. Traveling to find these conditions is just part of the job. If you’ve traveled for any length of time, you know how tough it can be to fit in a workout, eat right and continue to make progress or even maintain your current level of fitness when you’re in and out of hotels and motels or even worse- tents and cars. The nature of my lifestyle has taught me to stay focused and motivated no matter what environment I may find myself in. Whether your distraction comes in the form of travel conditions, work or family obligations, issues from past injuries, the best strategy I give my clients, friends and family is to keep it simple and stay positive about your fitness goals.

Staying fit doesn’t have to be complicated as everyone thinks it is- the key to success is to stay disciplined and to have a schedule. Here are some of the most important things to remember as you work towards your fitness goals:

  • Be Realistic: Even as a professional athlete, I keep my workouts to a maximum of 60 minutes. If your day was long and hectic and you don’t feel like doing a long workout motivate yourself to get a 10-20 min cardio in, this will help get your blood pumping and metabolism going. Set goals that you know you can realistically achieve and the success will motivate you to move to the next level
  • Take Advantage of Opportunities: I like to do a total-body workout every chance I get because with a chaotic work/travel schedule you never know when you’ll get the chance to workout again. If you find yourself with a cancelled meeting or an eager babysitter and an extra hour to yourself, take advantage of that time to fit in a solid workout.
  • Set Yourself Up for Success: Take it easy on days when you feel overwhelmed and keep your energy for the days you have time to get a good workout in. On days when I’ve been traveling for long periods, I make sure to taken time to do some stretching and yoga to help loosen up. When your body is basically motionless for long periods on a plane or at a desk, resistance training may not be all that productive. Stretching is easy, requires no equipment, and will help you relax. Managing expectations will help you keep a positive attitude.
  • Don’t Shop on an Empty Stomach: Sometime hunger can get the best of us and this will help keep you from being impulsive when deciding what items to add to your cart. Stock your fridge with good nutritious foods and juices. If you limit your access to junk, chances are you’ll start gravitating to healthier options when you’re looking for a snack.
  • Be Smart When Dining Out: Opt for menu items that are steamed, roasted or broiled. Don’t be afraid of asking about the healthier items on the menu, items with less sodium, and sauces on the side. If you find yourself in a fast food type environment, try to stick to grilled items. Many places offer low-carb selections or salads.
  • Take your Vitamins: A vitamin regimen is different for everyone but at the very least, I recommend taking a multivitamin and plenty of extra Vitamin C to help keep your immune system strong. This is especially important when you’re traveling on a packed plane or mass transit, working in a crowded office or hustling around a busy city.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Thirst often masquerades as hunger. Whether you’re on the road or at the office, keeping your body hydrated will help you function at your peak potential.


About the Author:

Brennan Rose is a professional SUP athlete splitting his time between Southern California and Hawaii. He is a top contender competing in both SUP racing & surfing, and serves as a SUP personality and a lifestyle & brand ambassador for his sponsors Riviera Paddle Surf, Tommy Bahama, NOVAtime software, Futures Fins, Raw Elements Sunscreen, and Bakpocket Products. He is a 4-time nominee for the Paddler of the Year Award from SUP the Mag for both his competitive performance as well as his positive attitude and outgoing presence in the SUP community. Brennan is passionate about health & wellness and serves as a health coach and SUP trainer for his many clients. He credits his SUP career with changing his life and is dedicated to returning the favor by partnering with charitable organizations and positively impacting the world wherever there is a body of water.

Instagram @brennan_rose

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