Change Your Mind To Change Your Body With These 5 Traits

by Joel Harper - Celebrity Trainer
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Those who thrive in their lives have internalized a deep inner drive that keeps them glued to taking actions that always move them closer to their goals. That doesn’t mean they don’t encounter setbacks, bump into obstacles, or come upon challenges. Life is still life for all of us, but these people have the passion and self-love it takes to keep on even when times are tough. These are the elite athletes and celebrities who have worked hard to get to the top, as well as the other high achievers in life–you know, those moms, neighbors and colleagues who seem to glide through without the snags, messiness, or troubles the rest of us seem to have.

Why don’t they ever seem to feel hopeless, fearful, or filled with doubt? These are people who live and think in an integrated mind your body way, so when the road of life gets bumpy, they have an automatic reaction that quickly gets them back into smooth waters. While these traits may exist more naturally in some people, these are all skills that you can acquire.

Develop these 5 Traits to become mentally and physically fit:

People with follow through say what they mean, mean what they say, and do what they said they would do. People with the follow through trait practice self-control and spend a lot less time struggling with temptation or decision making. They pick the best plan to reach their goal, then follow through with the actions that will deliver the results they are after. If you want to lose weight that means being consistent with your exercise and eating.

A person who is perfectly imperfect is someone who is entirely comfortable with being a flawed human being. They don’t take themselves too seriously or think they are better than anyone else. The ability to accept that making mistakes is part of the process of being human allows you to stay calm under pressure, save energy, and use that energy to accomplish your goals.

Having a team means you have people in your life you can rely on, and vice versa. Having others to lean on is essential to the human animal, and being able to give to others is a trait of the happiest humans. How many people can count on you?

This is the person who thinks through everything from every possible angle and imagines all conceivable scenarios–they are always prepared. I see clients turn a bad situation around in a matter of minutes. They take the problem and immediately come up with solutions and evaporate any ripple effect.

Having the ability to live fully in the present moment is a true sign of wisdom. It is shutting out the noise, letting yesterday go and believing tomorrow will take care of itself. How often do you do this? Your time is your own. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.


About the Author:
Celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts for the past 20 years. Clients ranging from Dr. Oz and Olympic Medalists, to 10 year old kids just learning to appreciate their health, actors preparing for a new role and business executives desiring increased energy.

Joel has been featured in various publications from “O” Magazine, Esquire and SHAPE Magazine to Bottomline Health and has appeared on numerous television programs such as ABC & Fox News, Oprah, the Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America and Access Hollywood.

Joel is the creator all of the New York Times best selling YOU books workout chapters and accompanying DVDs with Drs. Oz and Roizen, and successfully created his own workout DVD series, FIT PACK, as well as PBS’ best selling DVDs, SLIM & FIT, and the currently running FIRMING AFTER 50.
Most recently, Joel Harper published his first book with Harper Collins, MIND YOUR BODY, detailing an effective approach to long-term weight loss and how a powerful mindset is the key for an optimally balanced you.
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