The Two-Faces of Anti-Aging Medicine

by Dr. Guillermo Bello DC, MS, FAARFM
Guillermo Bello Arteasan

As science evolves and we begin to understand body chemistry, we naturally seek to prolong our overall expectancy and quality of life. This search has lead to a new branch in the world of medicine called Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. Within this specialty are two main aspects of aging which include superficial or “aesthetics” and regenerative or “functional medicine”. It is important for the public to understand the difference between the two and the benefit that each contributes towards the fountain of youth and everlasting vitality.

Aesthetics is more publically renowned and in many cases it is the most sought after.  Its main focus is to upgrade or revitalize the surface- in other words, the purpose is to enhance external beauty. Services like facials, laser therapy, cavitation and Botox are examples of aesthetic medical services. There are two main reasons why these types of services are more popular than functional treatments. With the external treatments, the return on investment is instantaneous and the outcome can be both noticeable and rewarding. Wrinkles are eliminated, hair is fuller, and a youthful appearance is automatically evident. Even though you get immediate gratification, the hidden truth is that without the functional aspect, these treatments are only cosmetic. The reveal is that you will return to your “old” self in a matter of time leaving only a memory of who you had momentarily become.

Regenerative and functional medicine is where the focus lies as this aspect of medicine holistically approaches the total body spectrum. It cohesively strengthens our inner system and over time yields a much longer and lasting effect. By targeting the system that naturally creates the collagen within our body, skin rejuvenation occurs. In addition, through lowering systemic inflammation, a healthier circulatory system and brain is the end result. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is difficult to conceptualize because people are visually oriented and intangible objects are oftentimes hard to sell. Therefore, instructing a patient to eat a certain way, take routine supplements and/or exercise with promises of health and no instant transformation is swiftly rejected.   

We need to understand that investing in our health has a compounding effect. If you were given a choice between $5 Million or a penny that doubles every day for 31 days, what would you choose? Believe it or not, that penny is worth about $10 million. This compounding concept works in the exact manner when applied to our bodies.  Remember, an investment in your everyday health guarantees that you will be the subject of conversation amongst your friends, as well as enable you to experience that richer life you’ve been longing for.   


About the Author:

Dr. Guillermo Bello DC, MS, FAARFM, is a Chiropractic Physician board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, with a Master’s degree in Sport Science and Rehabilitation. He has extensive experience in dealing with multi-treatment protocols and preventative approaches to health care. Dr. Be combines a broad range of health strategies and marries them with advanced coaching techniques to ensure his patients capability of success. 

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