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Amanda Yogi BW

Amanda Rose is an ambassador of yoga and holistic wellness. She has been a successful yoga teacher, personal trainer and fitness instructor for over a decade. After growing tired of working for corporate gyms, she started her own wellness company, Amanda Rose Wellness, helping people achieve their individual health goals.

She was also a competitive champion boxer, but after winning the NY Golden Gloves, she traded her gloves for a yoga mat. Amanda found that the concentration and discipline that boxing required also helped her focus on the mat. She studies the lineages of Iyengar and Ashtanga and combines both traditions in her classes. Amanda teaches fundamental poses linked with breath awareness while going deep into proper alignment. It is a physical experience with an emphasis on finding ease, cultivating self-love, and expanding awareness.

Aside from being a devoted yoga practitioner, Amanda is a prenatal specialist, Lululemon ambassador, doula, world traveler and graduate of Columbia University. In addition, she created Backyard Yoga, her own unique garden studio in Manhattan.

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